Sunday, July 31, 2016

Longarm Quilting

Since going “public” with my Longarming business, I have met many wonderful people and have had a lovely response to my Longarming business. I truly enjoy being a part of a quilter’s process of making their quilt tops extra special and turning them into quilts.
As a quilter myself, I am well aware of the love, patience and time that goes into piecing a quilt top. Making that important decision of having your quilt top Professionally Longarm Quilted by hiring someone other than yourself is huge decision. I love being able to place those special finishing touches on a customer’s quilt top. The quilter pieces the quilt top with love and I as a longarmer places the “frosting” on that special quilt top; which turns it into a finished quilt never over shadowing the quilters love.
If you quilt you know you always have those quilt tops that are just waiting to be turned into quilts. If you are a quilter or know someone that is and have quilt tops that need to be finished and need to be turned into that special quilt; I would be glad to go over my Longarming Services. First time customers receive a 10% discount and first time shipping customers receive free return shipping.
Happy Quilting!

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